The Characteristics of God’s Love (Part 3) – Love Is Kind

A few weeks ago I started a series entitled, “The Characteristics of God’s Love.”  I told you that there are 20 Characteristics of God’s Love in 1 Corinthians 13.  We have covered the first 2 so far, which were: Love Endures Long Love is Patient Today we will cover the 3rd: “Love Is Kind” According […]


The Greatness of God’s Love

This week I will continue to teach on the love of God.  This is God’s Love (Part 3).  This message is entitled, “The Greatness of God’s Love”.   Here are a few highlights from the message:   God gave His only Son: — Jesus left a beautiful place like heaven and came down to this […]


God’s Love vs. The World’s Love

Last week I taught on the love of God and I feel led to continue to flow in that same vein.  This week’s message is entitled, “God’s Love vs. The World’s Love”.  God led me to be transparent in this message and I truly believe it’s going to be a blessing to people all over […]


Simplifying Your Marriage with the Love of God (Part 2)

Last week I shared a message entitled, “Simplifying Your Marriage with the Love of God.”  This week’s message flows in the same vein.  This is Part 2.   Here are a few highlights from the message: —  God likens His relationship with the Church to our Marriage. —  Just as Jesus is committed to the […]


Restoration of Your Soul

This past week I had the privilege of sharing a Word at my church, Victory Christian Ministries International.  The message was entitled, “The Restoration of Your Soul”.  As I prayed over what to share with you today, I was led to share a portion of my message.  I trust it will be a blessing to […]


Stop Complaining & Give Thanks (Part 2)

Scriptures the message is based on:   Acts 17:24,25 Hebrews 12:15 Psalm 69:30 Psalm 92:2 Psalm 100:4   Here are some of the nuggets I bring out in the message: * True thankfulness shows your dependence on God! — Thankfulness should be your way of life. — Don’t just show your gratitude to God, let […]


Stop Complaining & Give Thanks

This week is the week we celebrate THANKSGIVING.  As I prayed over what to share, the Lord led me to teach on truly being thankful.     Scriptures the message is based on:   Numbers 11:1 Psalm 100 Psalm 107:1,8,15, & 21 2 Corinthians 4:15 1 Thessalonians 5:18 Colossians 3:15&17 Ephesians 5:20     In […]