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Simplifying Your Marriage with the Love of God (Part 2)

Last week I shared a message entitled, “Simplifying Your Marriage with the Love of God.”  This week’s message flows in the same vein.  This is Part 2.


Here are a few highlights from the message:

—  God likens His relationship with the Church to our Marriage.

—  Just as Jesus is committed to the church and He sacrificed for her, husbands are to be committed to their wives and sacrifice for them.

—  Just as the church is submitted to the leadership of our Lord Jesus Christ, wives are to be submitted to the leadership of their “own” husbands.

—  God commands us to walk in His love (agape) and His love is not contingent upon feelings.  Agape is NOT feelings-based, it is GOD-based!

—  The love of God is UNCONDITIONAL!

—  Our differences are not to drive each other crazy, but rather to enrich our lives!

—  Do not allow your differences to tear your marriage apart!  Celebrate your differences!


In closing,

—  Get inspired to make the most of your marriage!

—  Get inspired to celebrate the differences in your marriage!

—  Get inspired to MAKE a difference in your marriage!


Until next time, stay inspired.

God Bless,