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The Characteristics of God’s Love (Part 3) – Love Is Kind

A few weeks ago I started a series entitled, “The Characteristics of God’s Love.”  I told you that there are 20 Characteristics of God’s Love in 1 Corinthians 13.  We have covered the first 2 so far, which were:

  • Love Endures Long
  • Love is Patient

Today we will cover the 3rd: “Love Is Kind

According to the Webster’s dictionary…

KIND means “the quality or state of being gentle and considerate”

Some Synonyms to the word Kind are:

— Attentive

— Thoughtful

— Brotherly

— Good, good-hearted

— Helpful, Polite

— Selfless, unselfish, charitable

— Generous  

Some Antonyms — (opposite in meaning words) are:

— Inconsiderate

— Thoughtless

— Inattentive

— Uncaring

— Unkindly

— ill-mannered, impolite, rude, unhelpful mean, and spiteful

You get the picture.

If I made two columns with these words

Column 1 — Synonyms to Kind

Column 2 — Antonyms to Kind

Then I asked you to stand under a column, where would you stand?

I pray we can all stand under the column with the synonym words to the word king.  

But if you can’t, then hopefully by the end of this message, you will be INSPIRED to walk in Godly Kindness.

In this message I talk about:

— How God’s two greatest commandments have to do with love.

— How God’s love released me from bitterness and anger.

— How God’s love is the greatest medicine.

— How you can RECEIVE and RELEASE God’s love in this world.

Get inspired to do as God COMMANDS us… LOVE each other and do so knowing LOVE is KIND!

Get inspired to receive God’s goodness and operate in His Kindness!

Remember, LOVE IS KIND!

Until next week….

Stay Inspired!