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Get Inspired with Isabella Piña

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Simplifying Your Marriage with the Love of God

My husband and I just got back from a powerful marriage retreat.  I was SO blessed by the Word I heard — through my Pastors, Tony & Cynthia Brazelton, through two powerful sessions with Dr’s Mike & Deedee Freeman, and through the many other workshops — that I am led to share my heart on marriage today.  I am sharing under the title, “Simplifying Your Marriage with the Love of God.”  I truly believe this message is going to be a blessing to you.


Here are a few highlights from the message:


—  When God brings a man and women together in marriage it is a supernatural act.  The husband and wife are no longer two, but ONE! (see Matthew 19:6 & Mark 10:9).

—  Never allow anyone or anything to separate what God has put together.

—  Husbands: You must be willing to do what it takes to be the head of the household.

—  Husbands: You are called to Pastor your own home and cast vision for your family.

—  Wives: Allow your husband to be the head.  Lift him up and never tear him down.

—  Wives: Submission is not negative.  Being submitted does not mean you are subservient.

—  There is NOTHING in your marriage God cannot fix!

—  Submission is about dying to self and trusting God!


In closing,

—  Get inspired to trust God to take care of your marriage!

—  Get inspired to make God the Lord of your marriage!

—  Get inspired to die to self for the sake of God and your marriage!


Until next time, stay inspired.

God Bless,