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Honor Series (Part 6)

I started this series by telling you that I would address three types of honor:

  1.  Upward Honor (Honoring God)
  2.  Outward Honor (Honoring your Pastors & your Peers)
  3.  Inward Honor (Honoring yourself)


Thus far we have covered #1 and part of #2.  Last week we deal with Honoring Your Pastors.  This week we will deal with Honoring Your Peers.


Here are some of the points I bring out in the message mainly based on 1 Cor 12:4-25:

—  All Spiritual gifts come from the same Spirit (the Holy Spirit).

—  All Born-Again believers serve the same God.

—  The same God works in ALL of us.

—  God assembled the parts of the Body in the way He wanted.

—  God made a place for each and every one of us.

—  We are ALL on the SAME team.

—  There is no need for jealousy in the Body of Christ.

—  Honorable people are able to celebrate others.

—  When you know who you are, you also know who you are not, and you are able to appreciate diversity.


Get Inspired to honor God by honoring your brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ!

Get Inspired to honor your peers in a Godly way!

Get inspired to live life as a person of HONOR!


God Bless,