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Get Inspired with Isabella Piña

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Honor Series (Part 7)

First of all, I want to mention my recent Missions trip to Mexico.  I was honored to be able to join my Pastors (Apostles Tony & Cynthia Brazelton) and my church (Victory Christian Ministries International) on the trip.  When you go on a Missions trip you go with the intention of “being” a blessing, but you always wind up receiving more than you give.


To serve others you must develop and walk in God’s love.  When you do you realize:

— God’s love equips you to honor all people.

— God’s love enables you to see people the way God does.

— God’s love breaks through all barriers (communication, culture, etc.).


Okay, now let’s get into the Word.


I started this series by telling you that I would address three types of honor:

  1.  Upward Honor (Honoring God)
  2.  Outward Honor (Honoring your Pastors & your Peers)
  3.  Inward Honor (Honoring yourself)


Thus far we have covered #1 and #2.  Today we will deal with #3.


Here are some points I bring out in the message:

—  You are not a mistake.

—  You were born for a reason.

—  You were born for God’s divine purpose.

—  God made plans for you before the world began.

—  You must discover, accept and walk in your purpose.

—  When you know who you are you stop trying to be someone else.

—  When you know who you are you can celebrate others without jealousy.

—  God can deliver you from PEOPLE!


*** Get inspired to honor God.

*** Get inspired to honor others.

*** Get inspired to honor yourself.

*** Live as a person of honor!


God Bless,