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Honor Series (Part 5)


I started this series by telling you that I would address three types of honor:
1. Upward Honor (Honoring God)
2. Outward Honor (Honoring your Pastors & your Peers)
3. Inward Honor (Honoring yourself)


Thus far we have covered #1, Upward Honor, Honoring God. In this message I address half of #2, Outward honor. I discuss honoring your Pastors, but I don’t get to honoring your peers. I may address that next week.


Here are some of the points I bring out in the message:
— God gives us Pastors after His own heart (Jer 3:15).
— Pastors are a gift given to us from God.
— Pastor are the visionaries of the local church and our role is to accept, embrace and submit to the vision.
— Any more than one vision is di-vision.
— It takes honor to submit to the set man/woman of God.
— It takes honor to receive from the God IN another human being.
— God anoints/empowers people to BE a blessing to you.
— Never devalue or dishonor the people God called to BE a blessing to you.
— You can’t receive from someone you don’t honor.

Get Inspired to honor God by honoring those He anointed to bless you!
Get Inspired to honor your Pastors in a Godly way!
Get inspired to BE A person of HONOR!

God Bless,