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Honor Series (Part 1) – Honoring God

This week’s Get Inspired Message: Honor Series Part 1 – Honoring God


Our God is a God of honor.


His Kingdom is a Kingdom that functions on a CULTURE of HONOR.


God expects you to:



  • Honor Him
  • Honor One Another
  • Honor Yourself (and the assignment He gave you before the world began)



If you don’t know how to be HONORABLE, it will be hard for you to FUNCTION in the Kingdom of God.


You will have to learn to be honorable in order to receive from GOD.  You will have to learn to be honorable in order to receive from Men or Women of God.


My question to you is: ARE YOU A PERSON OF HONOR?


In this series, I am going to talk to you about three types of HONOR:



  • UPWARD Honor
  • OUTWARD Honor
  • INWARD Honor



Today we will only discuss the first: UPWARD HONOR (HONORING GOD)


*** If you don’t have HONOR FOR GOD, it will be hard for you to HONOR MAN or YOURSELF.


We are going to discus two things when dealing with Upward Honor (Honoring God):


(1)  God wants us to HONOR Him with our WORSHIP


(2)  God wants us to HONOR Him with our WEALTH:




John 4:24

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

  • We are ALL busy.
  • All of us have crazy schedules.


  • Worship is one of the best ways to HONOR God.


  • When you worship you forget about yourself and you get to concentrate on Him.


  • When you worship it’s like no one else is in the world but you and God.


  • When you worship — I MEAN TRUE WORSHIP — You are giving God ALL YOUR FOCUS!


  • God wants you to HONOR Him with your worship.


*** Make time for worship.


*** Make worship a priority!




(Proverbs 3:9 ERV)

Honor the Lord with your wealth and the first part of your harvest.



  • When you HONOR the Lord with the MONEY He placed in your hands, it proves to Him that money is not an issue for you.
  • Once you prove to God that you can HAVE MONEY without MONEY HAVING YOU, then God will give you more than you ever imagined.



  • God owns the mint where the money is made.
  • He owns the bank who is giving you a hard time about your credit and the money.
  • The issue is NOT MONEY.


  • The issue is HONOR.




  • What are you going to do with the MONEY?


  • How are you going to spend the money when you get it?
  • If the Lord knows You will HONOR HIM and HIS KINGDOM, He will bless you to FINANCE KINGDOM PROJECTS!


  • Can you honor God with your time, talent AND treasure?



We will stop here for this week.


Get inspired to to honor God with your worship.


Get inspired to honor God with your time, talent and treasure.


Get inspired to become a person of honor!


Ask yourself: Am I a person of honor?


If not, it’s time to make some changes!


We will continue this series next week.


God bless you!

Until next week,



Honor Series (Part 1) – Honoring God from Rick Pina Ministries on Vimeo.