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God’s Love (Part 8) Rooted in God’s Love

I have been teaching on God’s love for a while.  I trust the messages have been a blessing to you.  This week we will continue to teach on being “Rooted in God’s Love”.


Here are a few highlights from the message:

— True love is sacrificial.

— The Love of God should never END with you… love is not love until you GIVE it away!

— The world needs us (the church) to be light and love.

— Don’t be part of the problem (in this world).  When you walk in love you are part of the solution!

— You have the Love of God IN you, because God is IN you and God IS Love!
— But you must allow the love of God to change you from the inside-out!

— The most important thing we can do to become like Christ is to become God’s love IN THIS WORLD!

— God requires us to love others unconditionally, but He loves us unconditionally.

— We are not perfect and God still loves us.  In like manner, He expects us to love the imperfect.


In closing,

— Get Inspired to be rooted in God’s Love!

— Get Inspired become love to everyone you come in contact with.

— Walk in the Love of God.


Until next time, stay inspired.

God Bless,