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YOU ARE an Extraordinary Person

I am excited and thankful to be launch my new website today.  I plan to release a new video every Saturday and write blog posts as often as I am led.  Today’s message, my very first, is entitled, “YOU ARE an Extraordinary Person”.  It is part of a “YOU ARE” series that I believe will be a blessing to you.


Please watch the video and be blessed.


Here are a few golden nuggets you will find in the message:


  • God has created you with extraordinary gifts and talents and He placed them in before you were born.


  • God can place His extra on your ordinary, so you can be the extraordinary person He called you to be.


  • No matter what you are going through, remember God can raise you up.  Inside of you is an extraordinary person.


  • Say, “God has planted seeds of success in me and I am successful!”


  • Say, “I have  divine assignment, so I am going to rise up and become the person God called me to be – by God’s grace, for God’s glory!”


  • The greater your assignment, the greater the attack will be.  But that’s okay, but God is with you.


  • If God is for you, then the entire world can be against you and you will still win!


  • In the end YOU ALWAYS WIN!


  • Say, “I am an extraordinary person and an extraordinary God lives inside of me!”


  • Be careful what you allow to go through your ear and eye gates, because what you see and listen to will become part of you.


  • The words we plant in our children, even from a very young age, will become part of them and either help or hurt them in life.


  • If you surround yourself with wise people, you will be wise.  If you surround yourself with foolish people, you will become foolish (Prov 13:20).


  • You serve an extraordinary God.  He lives inside of you.  That makes you an extraordinary person by His grace!