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The Characteristics of God’s Love (Part 6) – Love is NOT Rude

I will continue today on the series entitled, “The Characteristics of God’s Love.”  

We are still dealing with the 20 Characteristics of God’s Love found in 1 Corinthians 13.  

We have learnt so far how the LOVE of God allows us to:

  • Endure Long
  • Be Patient


  • Be Kind
  • is NOT envious
  • is not boastful (brag)
  • And is not proud or arrogant


Today we will talk about the fact that: Love Is NOT Rude.

(1 Cor 13:5)

It (Love) is not rude; it is not self-seeking, it is not provoked [nor overly sensitive and easily angered]; it does not take into account a wrong endured.

Rude means to be discourteous, of coarse manners; unpolished, to act in an offensive manner, lacking refinement, culture or elegance.

Our society is becoming more and more tolerant for rudeness. People being rude are glorified by the media and those around us.  It seems like Rudeness is displayed everywhere.  But God commands us to operate in love towards those who are RUDE towards us.  

To shine as God’s light and love in this world, we must NOT be rude to others.

I like the way my husband explains this.  He said, “Love is not rude.  It doesn’t fly off the handle.  Love doesn’t seek to offend, but rather to reconcile.  Love doesn’t seek to cause offense, but rather to share with others while operating in harmony.  Love seeks to meet needs without causing problems.”

Get inspired to draw others towards God, not drive them away with your rude attitude.

Get inspired to meet the needs of others, but to do so in such a way as to avoid offense.

Get inspired to love others, even when they are rude to you.  Let them see the LOVE of God in you!

Remember, Love is PATIENT, Love is KIND, Love ENDURES LONG, Love is NOT ENVIOUS, love does not brag, is not proud, is not arrogant and Love is not RUDE.

Until next week….

Stay Inspired!