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A Father’s Love

This week I will continue to teach on the love of God.  This is God’s Love (Part 6).  This message is entitled, “A Father’s Love”.  Today is Father’s Day, so I was led to share a Father’s Day message.


Here are a few highlights from the message:

— God is the ultimate Father!

— God Loves us unconditionally!

— Nothing can separate you from God’s Love! (Romans 8:38,39)

— God is in the restoration business.  He can restore broken relationships.

— God is NOT a man (Num 23:19).  He does not love the way men do.  His love is supernatural.

— Our God is a GOOD GOOD FATHER!  You are loved by Him.

— Let’s celebrate Father’s today!


In closing,

— Get Inspired to accept and walk in the role that God has given you as a Father.

— Get Inspired, to become the Father God called you to be.

— Get Inspired to enjoy your children every day of your life.

— Get inspired to inspire another Father to accept his role as a Father, and be that mentor he may need.


*** Happy Father’s day!


May our Heavenly Father BLESS YOU RICHLY TODAY!


Enjoy your day 🙂


Until next time, stay inspired.

God Bless,